Right Deals

Right deals simply is for any one how offer a service or requset a service. The main feature is the ability to set the location of a any service you offer or request.

Technical view.

The api is ASP.NET CORE. The main resposibility is to support chats via a signalR, to seve and fetch the data from the database and to authenticate users.

Web frontend is blazor web assembly.
Mobile Applications is About a Native Xamarin hosting a Web Assembly and Electronized (we need Xamarin to bring the default map of the device) Web assembly to work as stateless and serverless)

  • Testing Website: uat.rightndeals.com
  • Chat: Yes
  • Custome Emails: Yes
  • VPS Hosting: Yes
  • Login & register with Facebook and Google: Yes
  • Support Android & IOS & Windows & Macos: Yes
  • Frontend: Blazor
  • Backend: ASP .NET Core
  • Admin dashboard: Yes
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